Organo Naandi arurban commune

Our first step towards building
Rurban Eco-habitats

Organo’s Naandi works splendidly as your primary residence as well as a weekend farm-house. With the privacy and lifestyle of a plush natural resort, the security of a gated community, the advantage of like-minded people and above all, the unmatched joy of healthy and sustainable living..

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Unveiling a Rurban Story in Nizamabad

While Organo is in the process of making our Net Zero thinking a ground reality in Hyderabad at Organo and getting into action in Bengaluru, a group of successful doctors in Nizamabad were echoing our thoughts and set out on a search for the right people who were on the same path.

It’s not by design that their search led them to us, it’s a proof that what the world needs today is more and more people joining forces to build communities that choose Organo way of life.

Team Organo is more than happy to collaborate with this group of doctors to hand hold them on the journey to establish a sustainable community based on the principles of Saptha Patha.

A one-of-a-kind rurban community is being built in the neighbourhood of Nizamabad for the families who aspire to join the life-on-a-slow-track.