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1. Are we self-reliant on Vegetables, Fruits, and Milk?

At Organo, comprehensive cropping patterns are followed where vegetables and fruits are grown which are suitable for the soil type and seasonal variety. Although forecasting is done keeping pests and weather in mind, a guarantee of farm produce quantity cannot be established as these factors are very dynamic. What can be guaranteed is safe and witnessed food using natural farming methods of food production. We recommend that residents establish productive landscaping to grow vegetables, leafy vegetables and fruits in their personal farming yards so that there is more immunity from unforeseen conditions.

4. What level of community participation is needed in Farming and animal husbandry?

Since farming and animal husbandry is a high experience and knowledge-oriented field, it is recommended that the residents witness these activities. Since these are collectively owned and operated, it is recommended that the residents do not take part in the operations as it may unintentionally affect the activities. The residents are highly encouraged to grow food in their front and backyard to supplement their requirements.

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2. Will the farm sustain and deliver for total community needs?

The farmscaping in Organo is designed to cater to the seasonal vegetable and fruit requirements of the residents. Our intention is to grow farm produce that is conducive to the local soil and weather conditions while meeting the needs of the residents. It is recommended that the residents look for alternative sources for the vegetables that are not conducive to be grown within the community.

3. What is the process of community Farming profit and loss distribution methodology?

The intention of farmscaping within the community is to ensure that the residents have access to safe and witnessed food. While the efforts are put towards meeting the requirements of the residents, the purpose is not to look at farmscaping only from a profit and loss perspective but to improve the overall productivity of farmscaping through natural farming. We collaborate with industry experts when necessary to ensure that

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