Introducing the

Farm Haveli
Live life to the fullest.

120 Farm Havelis
in 120 Acres of lush organic farms at Depalle, Shadnagar

5500 sft of Eco-Habitats  with their private herbs garden

Organo presents the
Farm Haveli
For the first time, Organo presents the concept of a Farm Haveli. Where space is the ultimate luxury.120 Farm Havelis in 120 acres of Organic farms and forests. 6000 sft of a Farm mansion with its own private swimming pool, 800 sft of private gardens. Live life like a king.

Each farm haveli faces  acres of organic farms or lush herbal forests

Welcome to the
Net-Zero community

A magnificent Bamboo Clubhouse with
Bio-ponds and pools

Get back to the
Villages - Depalle
Organo Farm Haveli is situated at Depalle. Beyond small villages. Thru winding pathways. Depalle is a small village beyond Shadnagar. An ideal place for a haveli as Depalle is blessed with Shri Ramalingeshwara Swamy Temple. A temple where Lord Rama himself installed the Shiva Linga. Folklore and mythologies talk about the Shivalinga which is growing in size every year.

In a holy land, beyond meandering villages, lie Depalle Farm Haveli. Your private bastion of peace, health and prosperity.

Every 6 Farm Havelis will have its own Cluster Club with
Work-From-Farm Spaces

Spacious farm Havelis - with interiors fully done. For a rurban lifestyle.

Hydrotherapy -
Every Farm Haveli with its private indoor swimming pool

Who is the Farm Haveli for

Businessmen and Factory Owners from Cheygoor, Timmapur, and Gagan Pahad.
Businessmen with the vision - who love unlimited spaces.A private mansion -amidst acres of Organic farms
NRIs who wish to give the gift of healthy resort living to their parents and relatives.

With positive vibes

Depalle is blessed as a group of urban farmers bought acres of fertile land and lavished loads and loads of
Desi Cow dung filled with natural micronutrients that soon became home to a million earthworms.

Soil Fertility Enhanced

The land is fertile and the earthworm-filled fields are great for Organic farming

Farm Innovation Lab

Abutting the Organo Depalle project is a Farm Innovation center that brings current farming technologies to farmers. One such innovation is the greenhouse that increases yield by creating a protective structure.

Helping the Marginal Farmer

Thousands of poor and marginal farmers are positively impacted by the Innovation Centre. Thus, enhancing the positive energies.

At Organo, we believe in counter-urbanization and in helping villages prosper. At Depalle, the seeds of well-being are already sown. Come, be a part of the farm innovation ecosystem

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Explore the amenities


Depelle is a private universe of health and a healthy lifestyle. Our amenities include Gym, Mini Theatre, Lounge, community kitchen, Spa and wellness spaces, Indoor and Outdoor Games, Therapeutic Walkways, farm Store, wellness and juice bar, Cycling pathways
Walking and jogging tracks, Bio swimming pool like village ponds, Water bodies, fountains and a cascade.

Depalle gallery


Farm Haveli Floor Plans

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Eco-Habitats designed by
leading architects

Check out the core concepts that form a part of every project by Organo. Every project is designed beautifully by the leading architects under the supervision of the Architect Founder Nagesh Battula

Core Philosophy of organo

The Seven Strands of Sustainable Living based on the principles of Vedic Farming, implemented by Organo covers the entire gamut of Food, Water, Air, Earth, Energy, Shelter, and People. Result - Thriving net-zero self-sufficient communities.


You are what you eat. Spreading the joy of natural growing and organic farming practices make Organo’s projects healthier.


Water is our life-line. Using it diligently is our duty. we will efforts to conserve it.


Clean and fresh air is our right. At Organo Naandi, we Harnessed fresh geo-cooled air.


Healthy soil is the first step to an abundant life. Ancient wisdom and technology help us in soil preservation.


An inclusive, welcoming place which harnesses the abundant energy that is present in nature.


More than just a farmhouse, our projects are home to various creatures great and small.


You are what you eat. Spreading the joy of natural growing and organic farming practices make Organo’s projects healthier.


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Eco habitats designed by
leading architects

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Do you want to grow vegetables in your bungalow or factory, pick up a mini greenhouse from our Farm Innovation Centre

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