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Organo Stories - Reconnecting with our roots for the way forward at Naandi

Indrasen Reddy Bollampally is an active Naandian and a fulfilled Organo's eco-habitat resident.

“My inner self feels absolutely connected to Naandi. The best thing about Organo Naandi is the opportunity it provides to live alongside nature while being careful about and focusing on sustainable development. And the most satisfying part is that one will find glimpses of these on every corner of Naandi.

I believe this is the way forward in the current world because if you look back thousands of years, the population rate was at 10 or 15 percent and nature was at 85 or 90 percent. Unfortunately, at present, it is the other way around. Therefore, we have to take initiatives like this to bring it to at least a 50-50 level for the coexistence of all.

In fact, this thought drove people like us to this community, and all hope that Organo will be successful in manifesting it on a bigger scale by establishing more such communities. Communities where they produce and generate their own food, milk, energy, etc., and also contribute positively to the ecosystem".

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