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[ ek-oh, ee-koh - hab-i-tat ]

An integrated eco-system as a living space, consciously created with sustainability principles at its core; designed for having a minimal impact without contaminating the environment in or around it.

At Organo, we create eco-habitats offering an intersection of rural and urban experiences, offering a way to live a life which is integrated with nature, to help build sustainable communities that care.

Why counter urbanization?

Rapid urbanization has led us to live in polluted environments, genetically modified produce and other downsides of densely populated areas, leading to an excessively stressful life.

We often find ourselves in this modern balancing act between living this way and finding ways to escape, relax and reconnect with nature..

Why counter Urbanization

What needs to be done?

To counter the effects of urbanization, we needed to explore reverse-migration, going back to the roots from where it all started.

We needed to find new ways of living in balance with the ecosystem, with access to healthy natural food and fresh air to breathe which allows us to grow sustainably without affecting the environment.

Urbanization: Healthy Natural Food
Rurban Eco-habitats

Fair share of prosperity for all

Ecosystem: Rurban Eco Habitats

Agriculture at the center

Health is one of the primary concerns of the modern urban individual. Having recognized that the toxin levels in crop production, we build our communities with natural farming techniques. Making organic Agriculture as its centre where we value the ecosystem first and inhabitants later.

Flora and Fauna are essential to create the sustainable cycle

Building an ecosystem required us to have all the pieces necessary to create a consistent replicable cycle. We had to expand our vision entirely towards learning and understanding what it takes to create sustainable environments and natural cycles of growth.

Self growing communities that take care of themselves

Eco-habitats depend on their inhabitants for their maintenance and sustainability. All our community members come together to create an environment of natural growth and sustenance. We offer you a way to be independently sustainable by yourself, as well as join in with the rest of the community on collective efforts.

Merging Urban and Rural experiences

For many, the sight of a rural setting brings about feelings of uninterrupted harmony. We wanted to capture that, while still offering you the opportunity for a comfortable lifestyle with all possible amenities expected from a modern living community


Seven Strands of Sustainable Living

To pursue sustainability, we have created processes with seven layers or strands which independently and interdependently work together. Food, Water, Air, Earth, Energy, Shelter and People are the central areas that help us think towards a sustainable future.

Organo Sapthapatha Nutrition Food

Creating a healthy source of nutrition through food / produce grown using organic farming practices without the need for chemicals.

Organo Sapthapatha Treatment of Water

Employing advanced scientific procedures for conservation and treatment of water and regularly monitoring overall consumption vs production.

Organo Sapthapatha Homes

An endless supply of fresh Air wherever you are - We deliver geo-cooled fresh air into homes through our Earth Air Tunnel System.

Organo Sapthapatha earth Image

Protecting the Earth by preserving soil health, by using organic methods and fertilizers, employing necessary waste management and recycling processes.

Organo Sapthapatha Energy image

Producing all of our Energy on-site in the community from renewable resources like solar and biogas plants, as well as employing strategies to reduce our energy consumption.

organo Sapthapatha shelter Image

Creating Shelter within nature while maintaining biodiversity. Open yet personal living spaces and wide communal spaces incorporating comforts of this day and age.

organo community

Encouraging a Community of people who live together responsibly, share their time, knowledge and expertise towards co-creating and sustaining the environment around them.

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