TS RERA No.P02400003403.
Organo Naandi arurban commune

Urban refinement,
Rural ethnicity

Organo builds full-featured sustainable living environments harmlessly integrated into the natural world, supportive of a healthy way of living.

Rurban Eco habitat-A way of life for the conscious.

Naandi is the manifestation of our efforts towards creating a Rurban Eco-habitat on net-zero and triple bottom line principles. Situated 17km from Hyderabad, we offer sustainable living space, a conscious community and opportunities to work with nature and experience a combination of urban refinement and rural ethnicity.

Organo Rurban Eco Habitat

36.5 Acres

Total Area

6.5 Acres

Agricultural Land


Farm units

10 Acres

Afforested Land

Naandi Map

the Experience

Our goal was to capture the essence of rural living and combining it with the ways of the modern lifestyle. Every comfort you could expect in an urban arrangement is offered to you within a breathtaking environment, healthy organic food and an engaging community conducive to growth, relaxation and an overall improvement of health.

The Space

The 33 Acres of land located on the outskirts of the city of Hyderabad, has home units and other necessary structures built around an organic farm. Along with all the amenities expected of a modern villa community, 2/3rd of its space is used for collective farming - where residents join farmers to farm produce. 1/3rd of the space is designated for personal farming, where residents can farm independently in their own backyards.

the Community

Our intent is to promote a spirit of collective living where our members actively participate in events, socialize in designated places and a well designed exploratory path, share their time, knowledge and expertise for active social enhancement, and the cultural progress of the community. Naandians live together and work collectively for the sustenance of their home.

Our Eco Friendly House

With open halls, large windows, sliding doors facing the farm, terraces, patios and balconies, whether it’s where you live or just visit to get away, Naandi is the perfect place to relax, let go and take a dip in nature.

We have incorporated the latest in high-performance building science and home technology. Every home skilfully combines the outdoor and indoor space to create an experience of being integrated with the environment around it.

Amenities & Attractions

Afforestation area

Herbal Garden

Collective farming

Personal farming


Workshops and Informational events





Guest Rooms


Community Events

Social Events

Board Games

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