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The Story

FHD Group founder

Organo was founded by the directors of FHD Group - Nagesh and Vijaya. Organo started with a shared vision to provide an authentic living experience to people today, a life that not only is technologically progressive but one which revives cultures and brings people together. Passion for ‘change’ in the society today as well as in the ways of the industry, is the primordial force that pushed the team of  Organo to start a group that can redefine the rules of the game.

Also, having been in very close quarters to the construction industry and watching the growth spurt of Hyderabad, counterurbanisation has been of paramount importance to the Organo team. That’s what inspired them to form a community of people to own it, to enjoy living close to the elements, to create a force to protect it. Thus, Organo was born.

Bringing it all together

“Organo was founded to re-establish a conscientious connection with the way we produce and consume resources as a community. Our goal is to create replicable community development models built on triple bottom line success and net zero thinking.”

Nagesh Battula


The Dream

It all started with taking note of the necessity, requirements, issues affecting our own personal modern lives and then fully visualizing what can be done about it.

A Collective Vision

We then brought together Subject-Matter Experts to open up all the dimensions and possibilities of the project. These led us to freely research and explore new ideas that we were closely watching.

Design & Concept

Net-zero, sustainable on all seven areas that create a natural cycle, minimal design, farm centric, etc.. All these concepts were generated through the process of our research while exploring our ideas.

Construction & Development

From charts to raw materials, we quickly transformed our ideas into executable plans and began constructing and developing, while also testing various ideas that may work towards the same goals.

Building a community

Bringing the right people to join the community is very important. It is important for members to share a common understanding of the principles practiced so they can be an active part of the growth of the community

Enabling self-growth

Once everything is in place, we then set up processes and measures to enable and ensure the natural growth and sustenance of the entire community's environment and its surroundings.

FHD: About OrganoThe Team that made it happen

What is an 'Eco-habitat'?

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