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Our Team

We are a group of Architects, Designers and Visionaries with a wide range of subject-matter expertise, focusing our efforts towards designing, building and developing sustainable eco-habitats.



We eliminate the unnecessary, without losing intent and find the best solution for a problem in the simplest way possible.


Fearlessly collaborate and benefit from a wide range of skills to generate synergies between the team.


We take responsibility and complete ownership of our efforts and outcomes to make sure we deliver value, every time.


We get out of our comfort zone and endlessly learn to adapt in an ever-changing environment. We persevere to deliver the promised experience, no matter what it takes.


We try to understand by observing your needs and listening without prejudice.

Nagesh Battula

Nagesh Battula

Managing Director

Nagesh embarked on and spearheaded the Fountainhead Design Group (FHD). He is an adept architect with over 28 years of experience in residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, and luxury interior projects. Nagesh envisioned a project that would be sustainable and net-zero in its resource consumption. In his stint at an age, as early as 21, he worked in 3 offices a year each, growing FHD to a name to reckon with in the world of design and architecture. He is a passionate self-taught leader, with an attribute to learn and unlearn quickly, which helped him cross the boundaries of confined architecture. Nagesh with an unstoppable ambition is still a down-to-earth person, who does not shy away from accepting and learning from mistakes while erring on the side of caution. He is the creator of Organo eco-habitats based on Sapthapatha (Seven Strands of Sustainable Living) driven by his belief in the Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profits). His favourite caption “Architecturing the future of humanity” befits him perfectly

Nagesh Battula

Vijaya Durga

Managing Director

With over 30 years of experience in interior design, Vijaya also has the rare distinction of being one of the few women in the construction industry. In what can be described as a predominantly male-dominated industry, she broke the glass ceiling in more ways than one. An unbeatable combination of the right and left brain, she is as good in number crunching as she is in her aesthetic sensibilities. She has an eye for detail and a great sense of color, fixtures and finish, enabling her to take impeccable decisions on the spot. She is the co-founder of Organo ecohabitat

Nagesh Battula

Dhamothara N

Director - Operations

Dhamu is Director and heads the operations and the architectural division at FHD India. He has been proficient in getting the right critical design solutions, without having compromised on the logistic efficiencies. With an experience of over 20 years in the field of architecture, he has several Master planning and large-scale architecture projects to his credit. As an architect, he has designed various challenging master plans and implemented them successfully without compromising its intent. Having said that, Dhamu has the panoramic experience of various large-scale projects right from the inception to the delivery

Nagesh Battula

Mathan Ramaiah

Director - Design

Mathan is a graduate from the Columbia University, New York. He has a working experience of over 20 years in Indian firms as well as the International market. He is the Design Director at the FHD India and is passionately involved in the master plan and public space design. Mathan has designed over 100 Million sq.ft of projects, ranging from 400 hectare Award-Winning Sustainable Convention Center, to a 50-storey Twin Towers in the Middle East, in addition to the projects in India.

Nagesh Battula

Harinath Rao

Associate Director

A civil engineer by profession, he is a well-known name in Hyderabad, with 70+ residential projects in and around the city. In the field of construction since 1990, he has built companies with sustained experience and steady growth. He is a leader of great repute and caliber in construction and project management. His impeccable track record and work ethic have become his hallmarks. He focuses on multi-family residential projects, including realestate market analysis. He strongly believes that Organo eco-habitats is the way forward for India and the world.

Nagesh Battula

Meena Murugappan

Director - Development Strategy

With 21 years of international and local experience in architectural design, real estate development and business design & operations across Middle East and South Asia, Meena is passionate about collaborating with co-dreamers, designing & building with co-creators, and working towards mainstreaming unique first-to-market sustainable solutions. Her sphere of interest is in designing living solutions where people are placed in the center, with real estate, professional services and lifestyle solutions are organized around their specific needs and aspirations. She is the Director of Product Strategy & Innovation at Organo Eco-Habitats Pvt Ltd, with special focus on user research, product research, first-to-market product ideation, and innovation strategies for Organo’s product portfolio of eco-habitats. She is also the Director for Organo Et School (OES), an Education Initiative by Organo, with a mandate to scale up this initiative across schools, communities and corporate companies

Nagesh Battula

Rakesh Koti

Head of Sustainability

Armed with a Masters degree in Engineering in Energy Systems Rakesh’s primary areas of study include Building energy analysis, Solar Photovoltaics, bioenergy, and automation systems. Beginning his association with Organo as the Energy Engineer/Analyst responsible for Energy balance analysis, energy audits, energy documentation and compliance in accordance with Indian Green Building Council, building energy simulation using eQUEST and head of Research and Innovation team, Rakesh is currently the Head of Sustainability. His ability to implement Organo’s vision at every step of the way and his capability to get people to be a part of the cause, are his inherent strengths

Nagesh Battula

Vaishnavi Paturu

Vaishnavi worked as an Associate Counsellor for over 5 years at Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), which is part of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). Vaishnavi has facilitated more than 100 green building projects (both commercial buildings and large campus developments) across the country to achieve the desired rating level. She also worked very closely with Green Building Councils across Asia Pacific region and represented IGBC at various meetings in India and Philippines. Vaishnavi has a Masters in Advanced Construction Management and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering

Nagesh Battula

Raghuram Vemula

An MBA and Mechatronics Engineer with over 10 years of experience in Management Consultancy, Strategy and Operations, Social Impact through Rural Development, New Business Planning, Eco-Community Management and Eco-Habitat Advocacy. He believes in building Eco-Habitats that are inclusive of all species, human, flora and fauna. He has worked closely at the confluence of Rural and Urban and has seen the potential of “Rurban solutions”. He believes that there is a possible and better future where eco habitats are the new normal for all Indian families across all price points

Nagesh Battula

Dhurgai Kumaran

Dhurgai is the Design Director at the FHD India. He is a Bachelor of Architecture from SAP, Anna University, Chennai and has a masters in Advanced Architectural Design from SAC, Städelschule, Germany under prof. Ben Van Berkel. Having 20 years of experience in India and Germany, he has worked as a design Architect with Bangalore based firms like ‘Inform architects’ and ‘Ocher Architects’. Enthusiastic in contemporary design methods and methodologies, he has implemented the parametric design method for the project “Skyline Plaza” for Jourdan Muller PAS, Frankfurt, Germany.

Nagesh Battula

Indrasen Bollampally

Indrasen Bollampally has over 22 years of experience as an Entrepreneur, Investor, Business Consultant and Application Developer. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Nova Southeastern University, Florida, USA, and B.Sc. in Computer Science, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.

Nagesh Battula

Swati Puchalapalli

Swati is the founding partner and director of Terra Viridis, an environmental design consultancy that she started ten years ago. During the past decade, Terra Viridis has worked across several sectors ranging from policy research to environmental consultancy for corporates, institutions and government agencies. Swati is a strong proponent of passive design as the first step towards sustainable design, constantly applying learning from local vernacular to new buildings. She works extensively with computer based building analysis to help architects make design decisions

Nagesh Battula

Ranga Rao M

With a background in M.Com from Nagarjuna University and with over 35 years of experience, Mr Ranga Rao is the Head of Finance & Accounts. He is focussed on financial management, structuring, accounting, taxes, liaising with banks, facilitating property registrations and ensuring legal due diligence & compliance.

Nagesh Battula

Raj Kumar M

A qualified Civil Engineer, Raj Kumar has more than three decades of rich experience in all facets of construction ranging from infrastructure to interiors, planning to budget control

Nagesh Battula

Gautham Chandra Y

A qualified architect, Gautam Chandra is a strong believer in Rurban living. As the Project Manager, he is passionate about ensuring that all the parameters are adhered to, at Organo eco-habitats. Gautam plays the lead role in planning, executing, and monitoring projects that are a part and parcel of Organo. He believes that sustainable buildings are the way of the future