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Organo Editorial

Sustainable Farmhouses That Offer Rurban Life

Welcome to Organo Antharam, the eco-habitats that offer an all-immersive experience of Rural + Urban lifestyles. Our architects reimagined the indigenous villages of India and blended the best of both rural and urban benefits to create homes as highways to good health.

The design of our Indian villages was created to deliver natural ventilation, greenery create social bonding and more. We, at Organo, brought the structure into cluster homes. Designed like our ancient villages, the zig zag pattern creates natural ventilation and every home overlooks either the farm or the forest.

At the centre of a group of houses in the villages was Rachabanda - a social gathering place under a tree. Inspired by this, we have created a Cluster Club. For every cluster of 20 farm villas, there is a common social hub for people to just hang in and interact for casual chats or deep discussions. 

We have named the community after the quaint little village it is situated in – Antharam because we believe the identity must be intact and untouched. Just like how we believe that the purity of Indian village lifestyle that offers the best that the land can offer. Our intent with the eco-habitats we develop has always been to restore health, harmony, and balance in the lives of the residents. Being our second community, after Naandi, we have implemented all the lessons we learnt from our experience so that Antharam residents benefit in all aspects.

Who is Organo?

We are a group of Architects, Engineers and Environmental enthusiasts running a professional design firm for more than 20 years contributing close to 200 million Sft of development each year in the world’s second largest populated country. we realized the need for “responsible living.”

We joined hands with social scientists, ecologists, agriculturists, and sustainable consultants and formed Organo with a fundamental vision of “Counter Urbanization.”

The principal belief systems that govern our business which aims for Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profits) are: -

  •  Bringing a paradigm shift in Counter Urbanization and inspiring urban dwellers towards Responsible and Sustainable Eco-Living.
  • Integrating Saptha Patha (7 Strands of Sustainability) that promotes Biodiversity along with highest standards of Food Safety. Shrink food miles by effective implementation of farm to plate concept by making people live in organic food forests. 
  • Samavrudhi – Prosperity for everyone.
  • Fair share for all – Co-existence with all the beings

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