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Transform your Terrace into a Happy Hangout place

Who says you can’t enjoy the pleasure of gardening if you don’t live in a sprawling bungalow? Every house has a terrace, and every terrace can be transformed into the most beautiful garden. All you need is a few expert tips and clarity on how you want to use the area. Here are a few tips from the farming experts at Organo Eco-habitats. Collective farming, eco-placemaking, urban farming, vertical farming and afforestation are some of our key strengths. Let’s hear it from our farming and interior design experts.

The main issue with roof tops is there is either deep shade cast by building around or there is blaring sun, both of which are not exactly best friends of gardening. Hanging a shade sail takes care of these challenges and creates a more consistent environment for plants and comfortable hangout area for people.

Shade Sail Square 5m x 5m Graphite - Shade Sails - Shade & Shelter - Home &  Outdoor Living at Trade Tested

Example of a shade sail on a garden area

Once you get that out of your way, follow the step-by-step guide we have enumerated below: -

  1. Waterproofing the floor is an important requirement before you embark on growing anything – Take expert help if required in getting your terrace garden ready and safe. 
  2. Next up, plan the layout - Decide how you want the garden to look. What will go where depends on the space and its dimensions.
  3. Choose your haven - lush vines, leafy shrubs, swaying grasses and colourful flowers all help transform an urban terrace into a calming oasis.
  4. Prepare the soil - The right type of soil mix is very important as the nutrients decide the growth of the plant. Follow tried and tested mixture of regular soil + coir peat or sand and vermicompost in equal measures. With every rain, you need to replenish the nutrients as the rainwater tends to wash them away.
  5. Pick your choice of planters and pots – It’s all individual choice of how you want the space to look and how to utilize the space in terms of beds, pots, hangers etc.
  6. Watering and additional requirements – Plan the sprinklers and water source to ensure they stay hydrated regardless of human intervention. Just because you’re sick or not in the mood to tend to them, they shouldn’t wither away out of neglect. Also, turn the sprinklers off during monsoons or heavy rains. 
  7. Wooden planters remain moist and cool, terracotta pots offer more beautiful patterns, are colourful and low-cost. Clay planters are fragile but more natural.
  8. Consider your terrace as an outdoor living room and plan accordingly. Get some cushy outdoor furniture, wall art and play with the lighting. Think of it as a room inside, and imagine how you would design and decorate it. 
  9. Cover an area with a sunshade or pergola. You’ll benefit from both the shade and the added sense of privacy from neighbours’ windows.
  10. Set your plants about 1½ feet apart in the garden or add them to containers after the hot weather cools; lightly fertilize at regular intervals. 
  11. Bring a bit of wildness. Welcome native birds, bees and butterflies to your rooftop by hanging a feeder, adding a water source and choosing plants that provide food or nest-building materials.

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Happy gardening!

About Organo Eco Habitats

At Organo we co-create eco-habitats that celebrate living. Eco-habitats are sustainable communities which offer an intersection of urban conveniences and rural experiences providing a way of life integrated with nature and focused on wellbeing.

Organo creates integrated holistic living environments, where the residents can take part in collective natural farming and witness the food they eat. Having already delivered India's first rurban commune- Organo Naandi, Organo is coming up with a 182-unit eco-habitat called Organo Antharam near Chevella.

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