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Does gardening count as an exercise routine?

Yes! Many local and international medical associations consider it a moderate exercise, and the calorie burn can be as much as what you can burn in the gym. Digging, raking and mowing are especially good for burning calories.

According to a study on gardening intervention for physical and psychological health benefits, gardening also “improves dexterity and strength, muscle mass, aerobic endurance and functional movement”.

As gardening incorporates all four types of exercise: endurance, strength, balance and flexibility, it is a whole-body workout that focuses on all major muscle groups. Gardening also assists with weight loss and mental health improvements.

So, how do you incorporate Gardencercise?

  • Start small. Identify the amount of time you can spend with the garden beds. Make time early in the morning. Start with 20 minutes and incrementally increase to 30 minutes, and finally 45 minutes
  • Commit to yourself and the plants. Incorporate this mindset that gardening is about self-care through plant care. If you skip a day or two, it is okay. Just remember to get back to the garden as soon as you are up to it.
  • Make sure you stretch before you begin gardening. As you will be sitting, standing, bending, squatting, it is essential to do a proper stretch before you start working with soil and plant
  • Use the large muscle groups when required. When digging, raking, filling, make sure you move the focus from small muscles in your arms and lower back to the large muscle groups of your shoulders, thighs and backside.
  • Make sure you work with both hands. Dig with your right hand, then swap to your left. This way, you will be ensuring even work out of both sets of muscles and building balance.
  • Make it a family workout. Get your children, spouse and parents involved. It offers a great way to bond and become the backdrop of your family journey towards good health and well-being.

Beyond physical fitness

There are several advantages to working with plants and soil. It increased our Vitamin D production, a mood booster and an essential nutrient for bones, brains and immune systems.

Emotionally, garden spaces create a sense of calm within us and trigger serotonin's release, which decreases anxiety and regulates the mood.

Keep in mind to start small, stay consistent and watch for results over long periods. Apply sunscreen, wear a hat during hot summers, stay hydrated, and watch out for tiny pests.

So, when you feel you need a quick and productive workout, just step into your garden, embrace self-care through nature care and enjoy growing plants that benefit you and the planet.

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