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Learning about Local Plants & Tree Species

December 5, 2023

Author: Ankit Kujur, Architect- Product team, Studio Organo


The importance of food forests in the creation of eco-habitats goes beyond mere aesthetics or landscaping; it is a fundamental aspect that contributes to the delicate balance supporting life within these environments. Every plant and tree strategically chosen plays a crucial role in fostering biodiversity, promoting soil health, and creating microclimates that sustain a variety of species.

The Workshop Experience

On 13th November ’23, Studio Organo took a significant step in this direction by hosting a horticulture workshop dedicated to understanding plant and tree species and sensorial experiences (taste, smell, sight, touch, etc). The session, held at our office, was curated by Abhinav Gangumalla, an engineer turned farmer and wellness coach, driven by a passion for sustainable living.

Horticulture Workshop at Organo Head office.

Abhinav, an expert horticulturist, brought his expertise to life, revealing a lush tapestry of possibilities. This workshop went beyond being a visual feast; it engaged our senses in a symphony of taste, smell, and touch. Delving into more than 25 plant and tree species, participants discovered how each could be seamlessly integrated into the fabric of our eco-communities.

Exploring various plants and tree species for a multi-sensory experience.

A Call to Reimagine

The Organo team, comprising the Product and Farming teams, mission is to infuse our eco-habitats with sensory-rich, sustainable landscapes that elevate the quality of life for residents. The workshop wasn't merely a revelation; it was an encouraging call to reimagine our approach to food forest experiences. A big thank you to Abhinav Gangumalla for this workshop.

Some plants and tree species that were explored.

Conclusion: Planting the Roots of a Sustainable Future

As we embark on this journey of sustainable living, we are not merely planting seeds; we are sowing the roots of a future where every touch, taste, and scent intertwine with the melody of nature. Our future eco-communities are envisioned not just as destinations but as celebrations of life in perfect harmony with the earth's heartbeat. In embracing sustainable joy through thoughtful landscaping, Studio Organo is setting the stage for eco-communities that thrive and flourish, fostering a deep connection between residents and the natural world.

About Studio Organo

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