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A Snapshot of Rurban Living or “Rurbanism”

The concept of Rurban Living evolved with the growing need for developing and living in an environment devoid of all the negative aspects of Urban Life such as:

  • Bad air quality
  • Water quality
  • Heat island effects
  • Greenhouse effects
  • Disconnect with nature

The need for Rurban Living is on the rise because urban dwellers want to enjoy the unpolluted rural atmosphere while not having to give up the comforts of their urban life. Rurbanism has evolved as a hybrid solution that connects positive aspects of both worlds. 

Rurban enthusiasts believe that the current model of industrialization and urbanization is not sustainable. A change in our lifestyles is necessary to negate the effects of unnecessary consumerism, stress, and unhealthy lifestyles – to name a few. 

They believe that this not only brings people closer to nature but also creates a sustainable future for subsequent generations. It ensures that they too can reap the same benefits that we enjoy from nature.

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