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A way of life for the passionate and the conscious…

Organo Naandi is the manifestation of Organo’s efforts towards creating a Rurban Eco-habitat based on triple-bottom-line principles. Situated 17km from Hyderabad, Organo Naandi offers sustainable living space, conscious community and opportunities to work with nature and experience a combination of urban refinement and rural ethnicity.

Farming at the core 

Health is one of the primary concerns of the modern urban individual. Having recognized the toxin levels in crop production are hazardous, we build our communities with natural farming techniques. With traditional organic Agriculture at its centre, we have built a community in which we value the ecosystem first, and inhabitants later. 

Flora and Fauna are essential in creating a sustainable cycle 

Building an ecosystem required us to have all the pieces necessary to create a reliable & consistent replicable cycle. We had to expand our vision entirely towards learning and understanding what it takes to create a holistically sustainable environment which has natural cycles of growth. 

Sustainable self-serving communities 

Generally, Eco-habitats rely on its inhabitants for their maintenance and sustainability. All of our community members come together to create an environment of natural growth and sustenance. We offer you multiple ways to be independently sustainable by yourself, as well as join in with the rest of the community on collective efforts.

Merging Urban and Rural experiences 

For many, the sight of a rural setting evokes feelings of blissful harmony. Our endeavour has always been to capture that, while still offering the residents a comfortable lifestyle with all possible amenities & technological benefits expected from a modern living community.

The serenity and peacefulness of a Rurban Community in incomparable. People say the shallowness in human is often associated with a lack of accessibility to nature and our roots. A Rurban Community, in a way, is a reminder of where we actually belong to and what keeps us healthy and happy both physically and mentally. 

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