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Bespoke community and user-centric design for CXOs

Author: Nagesh Battula

User Driven Design

When it comes to residential design, typically the developers find their demand based on market analytics that are based on findings by reputed research organizations. Based on that information, they find the land and supply accordingly. This approach has its limitations in that the product is based on customers’ demand. The developers cater only to that specific demand. They don’t go beyond what the customer is expecting. 

Organo eco-habitats design

At the core of our design is empathy. We thoroughly scrutinize a product typology. Our designers deep dive into the lifestyles of a customer, understand their needs, wants, gaps in their existing living spaces by gaining deeper insights. We apply the findings of our analysis and arrive at a unique typology. 

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We don’t follow cookie cutter models whether they are 1500 sq. Ft homes or 8000 sft homes. 

In typical real estate, the difference is mostly in the finishes and  extra features like squash courts, badminton courts, a larger club house and so on. At Studio Organo, we empathize with end users and that makes a lot of difference.  

Our design process starts with informal conversation with a focus group to understand their needs (said and unsaid), routines, and aspirations. We dig deep into understanding them, their families, their life and living, their work, their social background, their value systems, their stylistic choices, and their personality. It is important for us to understand this as it helps us craft specific and apt solutions that address those needs and expectations, and the end user's ability to keep their aspiration living, be it individually within their home or collectively within their eco-community.

After carefully examining the needs, routines and lifestyle of notable CEOs and CXOs, our studio has come up with this Rurban product typology that is tailored to suit their specific lifestyle – Organo Kandawada.

Organo Kandawada is for those families who are steady strivers, are well-travelled and have settled into a pattern of luxury living.  

It is for those

  • who want to slow down but may not have immediate plans of retiring
  • whose children are crafting their own career paths, and planning to join their family businesses or set up new businesses and will visit occasionally
  • whose parents are aging well and living with them or visiting often
  • who are in a joint family by commitment, while having their individual spaces to relax
  • who value privacy as much as socializing and are needed to conduct themselves as hosts across varied social & professional circles
  • who have permanent staff servicing their homes and whose lives they want to make a positive impact on
  • who require multiple social spaces to host get togethers, both inside the house as well as within the community

We promote indulgent living, in which the residents engage with nature, experience serenity, have spaces to socialize, invite people home without having to stress over organizing everything. 

Through our Saptapatha – seven strands of sustainability, sustainability goals are made and met to reduce the impact on the environment. For example, 

  1. The entire community is going to be powered by over 1 MW of solar photovoltaic panels which not only shade the buildings but also produce energy. 
  2. 10 acres of land is afforested to create oxygen-rich lung spaces for the community to breathe
  3. A goshala with a capacity to house 100 cows producing its own desi milk
  4. A 60-lakh liter rainwater harvesting and storage system to make the community drought-resilient

And many other systems and infrastructure are in place to reduce footprint on Earth.
With all this in place, To we have come up with a blueprint to orient design method to map the entire customer journey and document it. This way, we can ensure customer success is delivered at every step of the customer's journey. 

We are conducting research to establish that customer journey.
This could be a new way of designing for architects or developers. 
If you would like to know more, please email us. We will be more than happy to spread our knowledge to other builders and architects. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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