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Bhogi Celebrations at Organo Antharam

As the first light of dawn crept over the horizon at 5:00 AM, the diligent staff of Organo Antharam embarked on their preparations for the much-awaited Bhogi celebration. The air buzzed with anticipation as they gathered recycled wood, meticulously arranging it for the grand bonfire that was central to the day's festivities. In another part of the Rurban Hive, the female staff members, their hands skilful and movements graceful, adorned the entrance with garlands of vibrant flowers, each bloom symbolizing purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth.

A team of women, deeply engrossed in their task, crafted an intricate rangoli at the entrance. The swirls of colors and designs radiated happiness and positivity, welcoming Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and good fortune. Sugarcane sticks lined the pathway, serving as a profound reminder of life's dualities and the need for balance and self-actualization.

The Bhogi Mantalu, or the bonfire, stood as the celebration's centrepiece. This tradition was more than just a ritual; it was a communal expression of discarding the old to make way for the new. It symbolized the shedding of old habits, vices, and attachments, drawing parallels to the "Rudra Gita Gyana Yagya" and marking a journey towards self-realization and spiritual purification.

As the sun rose, piercing through the morning fog, families with eager children gathered around the bonfire. The young ones, curious and excited, bombarded the staff with questions about the ritual's significance. In response, the staff ignited the Bhogi Mantalu, filling the air with a serene ambiance. The festive Sankranthi music playing in the background added to the mood of celebration.

The attendees felt the warmth of the bonfire cutting through the chilly morning, symbolizing fresh beginnings and new hope. The children, unable to contain their excitement, clapped and jumped around joyously. The act of tossing puffed rice into the holy fire was laden with meaning, each grain a token of hope and prosperity.

A special moment followed with the distribution of "Bhogi Pallu". The staff handed out berries (regi pallu) to parents and grandparents, who then used them to bless the children, a symbolic act of warding off evil and negativity. As everyone circled the fire, a palpable sense of renewal and hope filled the air, while the children played and danced to the festive tunes.

The celebration transitioned to the Alfresco Dining space in Rurban Hive for breakfast, where everyone enjoyed healthy options like Raagi Idly. Post-breakfast, the children found a pottery wheel, eagerly delving into the world of clay under the watchful eyes of their parents. This pottery session turned into a delightful bonding experience, filled with laughter and creativity.

Lunch at the Rurban Hive was a vibrant affair, embodying the communal harmony and traditions of Sankranthi. The meal was a tribute to the festival's agricultural roots, with dishes like Pongal and Pulihora, each a celebration of the harvest. As the community shared stories and exchanged wishes, they strengthened their bonds in the midst of cheerful music and the festive atmosphere.

A relaxed mood settled over the clubhouse post-lunch. Soft music played in the background as people lounged, and children listened to stories about the festival, absorbing the tales with rapt attention. The air was thick with communal satisfaction and peace.

The inauguration of the clubhouse with the children proved to be a delightful event, teeming with joy and enthusiasm. Laughter and curiosity filled the air as the young ones eagerly explored the vibrant space tailored exclusively for them. The unveiling marked a significant moment, cultivating a sense of community and camaraderie among the children. Their eyes gleamed with anticipation, crafting an unforgettable atmosphere destined to make a lasting impact. The now officially open clubhouse is poised to become a central hub of fun and education, offering a cherished haven for children to forge bonds and create enduring memories for years to come.

Children are thoroughly enjoying their time at the Bio Swimming pool and the badminton court, immersed in moments of sheer delight and active recreation. Laughter echoes around the Bio Swimming pool as they splash and play, relishing the refreshing aquatic environment. Simultaneously, on the badminton court, energetic rallies and friendly competition unfold, showcasing their enthusiasm for the sport. The Bio Swimming pool provides a bio-friendly atmosphere, connecting them with nature, while the badminton court fosters a spirit of healthy competition and teamwork. Together, these recreational spaces offer a harmonious blend of fun and fitness, creating a vibrant and memorable experience for the children.

As the day progressed, the celebration moved to the party lawn, where children eagerly engaged in kite flying. Their laughter and cheers filled the air, and the music complemented their joyous activity. Adults either participated or simply basked in the festive spirit. The kite-flying event was a symbol of tradition, freedom, and community unity.

As evening approached, the residents congregated around a grand bonfire in the camping area. The bonfire, crackling and warm, drew everyone into a circle of comfort and camaraderie. Children danced and sang around the fire, creating a heartwarming scene that the adults cherished.

Gradually, the day's energy wound down. The music softened, and people started to retire to their camping tents, leaving the bonfire reduced to glowing embers. The Sankranthi celebration, steeped in tradition and community spirit, left everyone with hearts full of joy and heads filled with memorable moments, marking yet another successful year of this cherished festival.

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