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Building business continuity and resilience in Organo

Nature forced us to live Life.On.A.Slow.Track and to appreciate simple moments in life. Now is an excellent time to pause and reflect on what we can do better and how we can be better, both as businesses as well as people.

During these COVID times, new dynamics have emerged internally in all industries with physical lockdowns and an increase in work from home operations. As a business, we have quickly re-organized for working digitally and ensuring business continuity. 

At Organo, here are some steps we have implemented to maintain the smooth functioning of our business.

Ensuring the safety of our employees and their families 

Our leadership team and HR team have taken proactive steps and are issuing a detailed work from home advisory for teams working remotely. Since the government orders permitting the commencement of operations with 33% staff came into existence, we are advising our team members who are intending to attend office or site to follow protocols of safety and physical distancing.

Enabling Work-from-Home solutions for our remote employees 

We are preparing a framework for change management & operations preparedness that,

  • Assesses the criticality and dependencies of various business activities 
  • Helps mitigate anticipated roadblocks

For instance, our IT infrastructure, such as VPN, Cloud solutions, and tools for Teleconferencing are significantly improved and additionally we have adopted new software for our everyday work. Many of our internal team members are working remotely, both productively and without loss of efficiency. Since the relaxation of lockdown in Telangana state, some of our site team members have recommenced activities effectively on-site as well. 

Embracing Digital Transformation 

We are using the lockdown period for mentoring our team members and upskilling them in terms of technology and work. For most of our everyday work, we are entirely collaborating via online conferences. We are in the process of migration to Office 365 – Microsoft Teams - for meetings, file sharing and chatting. 

Apart from these, we are regularly backing up our data and working towards investing more in security solutions and training to protect our data and our employees (from phishing and scams).

Periodically reviewing risks & implications 

We are in constant communication with our contractors, construction suppliers, and other industry peers to understand and rectify any issues that may arise. We are evaluating any future opportunities and threats in terms of material supply, labour availability, and more. We are also working towards having appropriate mitigation plans in place if any need arises. 

Monitoring the COVID situation 

We are keeping an eye on the problem based on reliable information from the websites of The Government of India and WHO to be prepared adequately. 

Establishing a communication and engagement plan 

We are preparing communication scripts and messages to different stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners and more, to keep everyone informed, and engaged. We are currently directed on improving the above six steps and are ensuring business continuity. As always, we are optimistic that this storm will pass too. 

During such testing times, empathy is the need of the hour. Thankfully, we see more evidence of it every day in our news as well as in our neighbourhoods and across the world.

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