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Organo Editorial

Cluster Homes Designs Logic

As a one of its kind community in India, Organo Antharam is what we call in our Studio - a Cluster Homes Community. It was conceptualised to replicate rural design aspects of a village clubbed with urban aspects of urban areas.

The design logic evolved through the intention to make roads in front of the homes as socialising spaces, instead of dedicating them to parking cars.

To make them useful social gathering spaces where kids and elders can get together.

To make them pedestrian-friendly and therefore safer to walk

To improve ventilation for all the homes without compromising on much-needed air flow.

As the inspiration was from the villages of India, we have designed homes that are of two different types which keep alternating.

We are ready to manifest this design at Antharam and are gearing up to deliver the project where residents can start living in a truly Rurban community.

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