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Completing the food requirements of Rurbanites

By Raghuram Vemula

In continuation with our article Farmer Consumer Connect- Humble beginnings, Organo has been working with the farmers in the villages around Organo Antharam project to source safe and witnessed food grown using natural farming methods. This is an attempt to complete the food requirements of the families who are part of the eco-habitats. Most of the staple grains cannot be grown inside the premises of the eco-habitats due to paucity of space and long crop cycles of such grains. Over the period of 6 months our team has worked closely with the farmers in training them and handholding them to adopt natural farming methods.

All the efforts over the last 6 months have borne fruits and we have completed the procurement of the grains and onions from the farmers from the villages of Nowlaipalle, Antharam and Hastepur. The details of the grains and onions are presented below:

Initially the idea was to create a farmer producer Fair share market where the customers and farmers would meet each other, and exchange of the produce takes place for a fair price mutually decided. However, we realized over a period of time that convenience is a key factor for undertaking this transaction both for the farmer as well as the consumer. Hence, through Organo Farm Store, we have procured the produce directly from the farmer at a price beneficial to the farmer. The procured produce will in turn be made available to the consumers through Organo Farm Store.

Magaiah during signing the procurement agreement.

Vivek Reddy(farmer) during signing the procurement agreement.

In order to make the produce more accessible, we have tied up with Trice App which is a community App for local businesses. To place your order and make this initiative a success, Organo Farm Store on Trice App ( https://www.tricecommunity.com/tc#/home ) or contact us on call or WhatsApp through 93810 83093.

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