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Organo Editorial

Designing social bonding through architecture and amenities

Author : Meena Murugappan

We are often asked how and why we choose a particular design for each community club in our eco-habitats. The form and style are a balance between what we believe will appeal to the stylistic expectations of the residents and our own push for design or material innovation. The program (i.e. uses and sizes of various spaces within the Club) is dependent on the number of end-users and their preferences for hosting, socialising and activities. 

For instance, we are currently exploring programmatic directions with our design collaborators, FHD Consultants India  for the Community Club at an upcoming project of Organo at Kandawada. Named as, the Rurban Hive (placeholder name for now), this large Club includes alfresco casual dining with bar space, a banquet hall, a spirited outdoor party lawn, a 24-seater movie theatre, inviting guest cottages, and a private lounge with a yard. 

This primary social node for the entire community is created as an energetic environment that allows residents to just hang out and relax in a vibrant social atmosphere. Here, the families can decompress from hectic routines while enjoying the company of friends and family.

This Club becomes a dynamic place for residents to congregate for larger events and cultural and social celebrations. The design creates a playful interaction with the neighbouring amenities like the sports club and the guest room clusters. Farmscape walkways meander between various functional spaces and allow families to engage with one another and linger near the Club for quiet moments. 

We aim to create cohesive spaces that welcome families and their guests to enjoy social Rurban experiences unique to the eco-habitat. The adjacent landscape is designed to have smaller alcoves and lounge spaces nestled among trees and shrubs. Festive lighting can be incorporated into the landscape during special occasions to provide soft lighting under the night sky. 

The banquet areas also have spaces for live music, plays and performances. This is a space for families to come together and enjoy the outdoors while offering an environment to support multiple uses. 

This energised cultural nerve centre of the community is designed to encourage social bonding, social well-being and collective celebrations. The architecture of the place is intended to influence activity and accommodate multiple functions while being a statement reflective of this community of families that would stay at Organo Kandawada. 

If you would like to know about our explorations at Studio Organo, reach out to us at studio@organo.co.in 

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Aerial view of the Rurban Community Club Complex shows the inter-relationships between various spaces

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Approach to the Club creates a vital setting for the main architectural statement for the community

Alfresco dining space in the Club to allow residents to decompress from hectic routines

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Other amenities organised along meandering farmscape paths to encourage social engagement

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