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Discover a new way of life

Rediscover yourself with Rurban life. Go back to the simple days when health & relationships reigned supreme, and pursuit of wealth was more for providing comforts to our near and dear. 

Organo eco-habitats are communities designed by architects who delved, deep dived, and researched different user groups for extended periods of time to understand their needs, wants and aspirations. The design of the gated communities facilitates being ‘healthy, wealthy & wise’ and reorienting with the way our ancestors lived `early to bed, early to rise’ `soak in the early rays of sun’, `dining in the moonlight’ and `working out naturally’. Inspired by the villages of India, the rural elements are merged with urban comforts and sprinkled with social spaces to create the perfect recipe for family and community bonding. 

Life cannot be experienced in its full glory when we live isolated lives as single-family units. The beauty is in extending our families to all those who live with us and around us. First and foremost, it allows children to thrive with social bonding, find their peers for active living, hone their skills with intergenerational interactions, witness safe food growing in the farms, and live a healthy, happy life. For young parents, the safety of pedestrian friendly streets, inclusive neighbourhood and play zones gives them the security to let their children out of their sight knowing fully well that they are taken care of. 

In our first community, Organo Naandi, these benefits, both tangible and intangible were delivered.

At the upcoming Organo Antharam, the cluster homes, zig zag streets, rachabanda kind of meeting junction emulate rural structure. 

Organo Kandawada is another gated community with bespoke homes for multigenerational homes designed to facilitate family bonding across generations and yet, with spaces where individuals can find their own niche. 

Organo Damaragidda is yet another upcoming community of eco-habitats for people who want to keep it minimalistic and yet have the expanse of shared spaces. All the communities other than Naandi are named after the villages they are being developed in. 


Ecosystem: Rurban Eco Habitats

Natural farming and Sapthapatha (Seven Strands of Sustainability) are at the core of all eco-habitats built and developed by Organo. Samavriddhi and Triple Bottom Line drive Organo’s business philosophy. 

We would love to have a conversation with you to assist you in arriving at an apt solution for you and your loved ones. 

Please reach us on +91 9071123446 or email marketing@organo.co.in

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