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Eco Habitats and collaboration between Urban and rural India - Evening Tuitions in villages

The true value of any Rurban Eco-Habitat lies in the fact that there is a collaborative spirit in the way the inhabitants from rural and urban backgrounds and demography come together. At Organo our constant endeavour is to be the catalyst for enabling this confluence of the rural and urban India. We strongly believe in the power of actions, actions which are consistent and focused. 

As part of our efforts to enable a better environment around our upcoming eco-habitat community of Organo Antharam we have been engaging with the local villages of Antharam, Nowlaipalle, Venkannagudem, and Hastepur. One of our key initiatives has been in the sphere of education, with focus on primary education.

We have observed that the children in these villages too got adversely affected by the closure of Government schools during covid and post covid normalization. The lack of any formal education during the 1.5 years meant that the children lost touch with the basics and struggled to cope up with the online classes and syllabus. This is when we have come up with the idea to identify the local youth from these villages who are qualified to teach the children. This ensured that the entire initiative was sustainable in terms of logistics, with shorter feedback loops and more attention on quality of education. 

The idea was to make sure that the children’s education levels are taken as a metric for improvement rather than their age. This meant that we had to conduct a base line assessment of their current levels. Post this we divided the children into various groups where we focused on ensuring that their understanding of the concepts is at a demonstrable level and on par with the class they are studying.  The Government Schools in the villages became the venues where our “Evening tuition” classes started. 

Regular monitoring of the quality of the teaching and training of the teachers by a partner organization called Kisaan Sevaks Foundation helped improve the overall quality of teaching content delivery. Apart from the regular teaching, extra-curricular and co-curricular events were also conducted to help the children forge a well-rounded relationship with the tuition classes. A total of 4 tests were conducted at an interval of 3 months each to continuously assess the progress made by the children. We have observed a slow but steady improvement in the education levels across all the age groups of children. As the saying goes, the “proof of the pudding is in the eating” we have seen concrete results for the classes. Some of the key outcomes of the tuition classes has been the increase in the number of students who got selected for the Government run Model schools, entry to which is very competitive. A total of 12 students got selected for these Model schools. 

Evening tuition classes in Antharam Government School.

As we enter the second year of our outreach into the schools, we have invited the future residents of Organo Antharam to come and witness firsthand, the work done and also be part of the efforts to support the children from these villages get access to better education.

Children from Antharam, Hasthepur, Venkannagudem and Nowlaipalle and their parents sharing their experiences over last 1 year in Tuition classes with the future residents of Organo Antharam.

We hope the momentum builds further and more the support to such initiatives starts to swell and enable the rural and urban communities to be there for each other as a single unified community.

About Organo Eco Habitats

At Organo we co-create eco-habitats that celebrate living. Eco-habitats are sustainable communities which offer an intersection of urban conveniences and rural experiences providing a way of life integrated with nature and focussed on wellbeing.

Organo creates integrated holistic living environments, where the residents can take part in collective natural farming and witness the food they eat. Having already delivered India’s first rurban commune- Organo Naandi, Organo is coming up with a 182-unit eco-habitat called Organo Antharam near Chevella.

To know more about our eco-habitat communities please call 9071123446 or write to us on info@organo.co.in .

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