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Organo Editorial


How sure are we of the purity of our food now-a-days? The degree of adulteration, chemicals and high yielding hybrids, have drastically impacted the food quality. Our search for good food usually ends up in supermarkets where we get various options of imported, frozen,seasonal, all year-round and more. But can we monitor or validate their claims of quality standards? The answer is NO.

organo cabbage crop

We are aware that every action we take, leaves considerable carbon footprints on our planet. Here comes another one, the food miles. The term ‘food miles’ refers to the total geographic distance food is transported between their cultivation,processing and to the consumer at the point of sale. Put simply, it’s a way of measuring how far your food had to travel to get to your plate. The impact of this ‘food journey’ on the environment is way bigger than we could imagine!

food miles for non naandian

Increased population and consumerism over a period of time have increased demands on food production. The chemical and hybrid ways of cultivation are consequences of coping with this heavy demand. But could there be an alternative which are more sustainable and healthy? We believe there is.

As a responsible community, Organo Naandi introduced and implemented production methods that are sustainable and healthy. The collective farming system inside the community is an endeavor to reduce food miles drastically as the food travels from the backyard to the kitchen. From the farm to your plate.

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