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Improving Community Wellness: Organo Collaborates with Call Health to Launch Community Health Lounge

Co-authors : Bhagyasree S with Uma I

Aimed at introducing fundamental healthcare services within the Organo Antharam community, Organo Eco Habitats is delighted to unveil its partnership with Call Health, a pioneer and one of the most integrated healthcare platforms. Taking a meaningful step towards enhancing community welfare, this collaboration represents a significant milestone in our dedication to offering comprehensive assistance to our residents, prioritising their health and safety above all else.

Enabling Access to Essential Healthcare Assistance:

At Organo, we understand the significance of healthcare assistance within our community. Through this partnership, residents of Organo Antharam will have consistent access to essential healthcare support. A certified MBBS doctor will be onsite for consultations thrice a week, supplemented by nursing services.

Prompt Emergency Response:

Emergencies require quick and organised intervention. Call Health has partnered with local hospitals to guarantee prompt access to vital medications and emergency care services. With a fully equipped basic life support ambulance stationed onsite round the clock, accompanied by transportation provided by medical professionals, residents can be confident that urgent medical needs will be addressed promptly, enhancing the likelihood of favourable outcomes during emergencies.

Health Education and Empowerment:

Healthcare encompasses more than just treatment; it includes education and empowerment. Through our collaboration, Call Health will conduct workshops and health check-up camps at Organo Antharam. These events aim to educate residents on various health topics and offer regular health assessments, empowering individuals to make informed health decisions.

The partnership between Organo and CallHealth marks a significant stride in our mission to build thriving, sustainable communities where residents can lead fulfilling lives. By prioritising health and well-being, we set a precedent for future developments and inspire positive change in the broader community. Together, we're forging a healthier, happier future for Organo Antharam residents and beyond.

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