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Organo Editorial

Life at Naandi

By Ramesh Reddy Legala 

Our discovery of Organo Naandi was rather accidental. We were here for a massage therapy session for me, one weekend. The moment we stepped into Naandi, it was love at first sight. I liked everything here; the greenery and nature, the chirping of birds, the clean fresh air and so much more that this place has to offer. Our daughter, Rasha, loved this place as well and asked me if we could have a home here. We signed up right on our first visit to Naandi that weekend.

We were on the lookout for a house for the last three years but could not find anything in the city that we could relate to. But Naandi was different. My health has improved tremendously in the last one year, thanks to the fresh produce and milk, the amount of walking and cycling I do here every weekend, and spending time with nature, of course. 

My wife, Shalini, finds this place to be a complete retreat. It is just what we all need for complete relaxation after a heavy work week. Not a moment goes by when we are bored here. There is so much to do each weekend that we are here. 

Besides that, it is great to spend time with our neighbours. It is also heartening for us to see our daughter have a great time at Naandi. She has learnt so much about farming here, made quite a few friends and wishes there was no school so that she could play at Naandi all the time! 

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