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Melting pot of food experiences

From energising breakfasts to lazy lunches, celebratory dinners to easy, breezy parties, hang out with friends to tea parties with mates, take your pick. There is no shortage of unique food experiences at Organo Kandawada. With nearly every experience feeling like the best, you may not know where to focus your time first. 

The creative spur here is quite mesmerizing, as the availability of new, cutting-edge dining concepts seem to be limitless. All you need to do is to be in the mood to get into the groove.

Want to know what Organo Kandawada families are in for:-

Al Fresco – Get here for a hearty breakfast or casual catch-ups. Just walk in, in your PJs or shorts, not one eyebrow will raise. An experience for the Indulge your taste buds.

A myriad of culinary experiences have been curated for foodies to tickle their palate. At Organo Kandawada, life is about celebrating every moment.

Frat House – Who doesn’t love brunches? Or afternoon tea with friends? Try the Frat House for a change. 

Banquet hall – 15 or 50, you choose the number of people. Birthday or after party, you choose the occasion. Order your favourite cuisine. Eat, drink, make merry without a worry in the world.

Party Hall – Obvio, you don’t need a reason or season to party. We’re always celebrating life and living. With delicious lip-smacking food to add to the flavour, who wants to stop? Well, nobody is asking you to. Be your own master.

Urban  Plaza – National days or marathons, brisk walks or leisurely strolls, just relax, stretch yourself on easy seating and pick what you want to eat. And with whom. 

Community Kitchen - Guess what’s the best part? The highlight is the Community Kitchen which is a God send. No hassle of prepping for hours, or cooking first, and then serving around or cleaning after. Everything is done for you, by the happy caretakers who are at their best when they’re in the kitchen. These souls are born to cater. 

Speciality Kitchen- For those who prefer plant based food, we have the Vegan Kitchen serving some of the most delicious cuisine. Even if you’re not vegan by lifestyle, it will be a good change, something different. It will help you detox, feel healthy, reduces your carbon footprint, and there are tons of benefits. 

What a relief! Food is just a walk away or a call away.

Bite, chew and savour your way.

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