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Organo Editorial

My Little Adjustment

By Manoj Vaddineni 

The right time to move from our Gachibowli home in the city was when our son passed out of high school and we were on the lookout for a new property, a few months ago. Unlike the many other cookie-cutter kinds of villa projects in the city that we saw, Organo Naandi appealed to me for the wide-open spaces, great infrastructure, cleaner air amongst a host of other healthy benefits. 

You can smell the farm, sitting outside in the backyard and relaxing over a cup of coffee. I do not miss living in the city at all. There are some conveniences that are missing here, like not being able to order food on Swiggy, for instance, or not being able to find a cab always. But these are minor adjustments that I have come to live with, rather easily. 

The other factor that we had to get used to, was the longer commute time to the city. While it is about fifteen minutes longer for me, it takes more than an hour for my wife to reach her workplace. However, it was only a matter of getting used to and organizing our morning routine a little differently. This was hardly a price to pay for us to enjoy living in a place like Organo Naandi, away from the city and in the midst of nature. 

There are more bugs and insects here than I have ever seen before. They are everywhere around the house. You cannot leave food around since ants show up immediately. Sometimes a bird enters the house as well. I simply chase it away. I do not think of them as irritants since they are all a part of nature. Living in the midst of nature is about living with them. It would, in fact, be a bit odd if they were not there!

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