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My little adjustment

By Yelen Gutta 

Considering the benefits that we enjoy at Naandi, the adjustments that we had to make were hardly any. 

Before we moved here, we were living in Banjara Hills, which is right in the heart of the city and we had a set lifestyle with our routines and house help. The maids there knew all about housekeeping and our house help was quite used to my particular preferences. After moving here, I had to train the help from scratch. The help here are mostly people from the surrounding villages. Initially, I had to spend some time getting them to understand what I needed done. It was different rather than difficult, I would say. 

I still need to instruct them once in a while. But they are essentially nice people and we have now gotten used to them, just as they have adjusted to our particular needs over time. 

Besides this, there were hardly any adjustments to make. Distance is barely an issue. Our daughter, Jwala’s training academy is not too far from here. If we need to head to the city, it is just a few extra minutes of commute time. 

The adjustments are rather minor in comparison to the kind of healthy and enriching life we have here. I wish more such communities would come up in the future, so more and more people can benefit.

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