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My little adjustment

By Dr. Ravi Bathina

There are hardly any adjustments to make when I live here. 

Every day when I go out for my walks, I see snakes and scorpions. There are plenty of other creatures as well. But isn’t it all a part of living with nature? All these creatures form an integral part of the larger ecosystem. 

I cannot imagine a home in the midst of nature and not visited by a variety of creatures, found in the wilderness. 

You just have to be a little careful and watch out for them. You don’t have to kill them. It would also be foolhardy to deliberately go too close to them. Don’t go and hug them! 

They are afraid of us and most would run away when people approach their personal space. We need to learn to respect their boundaries and become more mindful of their presence.

They are there and we are here, in our homes. We can definitely live in peace together. In fact, we are encroaching into their territory and habitats. It is only natural that they would be around ours. 

There are no other adjustments to make as part of living in Naandi. In fact, living in a place like this, in the lap of nature, would be anybody’s dream come true. 

I call this community, ‘the mother nature saviour!’ 

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