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My Little Adjustment

Sathya Raghu

“The only little compromise that we’ve had to make was the distance. Yes, Naandi is a little away from the city, but come to think of it, hardly so. It simply comes down to starting the day a few minutes or even an hour earlier than otherwise to be able to reach my workplace on time. That, in my opinion, is hardly a compromise for the life that we live here.

Look at the flipside and you’ll see that distance is hardly a factor. Simply by virtue of being a bit away from the city, living at Naandi offers one of the most precious things. And that is silence.

Where can you find the sound of silence in the city? We are drowned in the sounds of honking there. But the dayis filled with the chirping of birds here, the buzz of insects, the rustle of the wind.

I love reading amid this kind of silence broken only by the sounds of nature. This is the kind of silence that would make you want to go deep within yourself in a moment of delicious solitude. What are a few additional kilometers in comparison with this?”

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