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Organo Editorial

My little adjustment

Meena Mathan:

Learning to live with nature was the most significant adjustment we’ve had to make after moving to Naandi.

There are times when we find frogs behind our washing machine or even in our shoes! During the monsoons, it is pretty common to see frogs around and we sometimes have a whole family staying in our utility. Likewise, there are other insects and critters that come in sometimes too. We live in their space and they are bound to stray into ours. It is only a matter of getting used to it, though.

There are quite a few snakes inside the community too. It is only natural to expect a whole lot of creatures around when you are living in the midst of nature. We learned to become mindful of their presence. In fact, we continue to learn every day.

Also, it is not just about rurban living but also seasonal availability of vegetables. There is a season of brinjals or chikkud, let’s say, during which, there is plentiful produce of the same. I suppose, many of us in the community have gathered a variety of recipes of the same vegetables, over time!

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