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Organo Editorial

My little adjustment

My son lives in Qubec and he had some capital gains that he was looking to invest in for buying property. We were looking around for places but could not find anything that struck a chord with us.

We happened to be in this part of the city one day and were driving by Naandi. Even from the outside, it looked quite interesting. We were curious to find out more. Once we came in, it was like entering a whole new world. It was indeed love at first sight

Looking around, it was nothing short of mesmerizing. The clubhouse, the greenery, the birds chirping; everything was unbelievably beautiful. To find such a place barely any distance from the city was incredible too.

I shot a video of the place (with much childlike enthusiasm!) to send to my son. He too liked it in the first go as well and we immediately decided to buy a villa here.

It is a rare privilege indeed to own a home that is modern in every sense and situated right in the midst of a lovely rural setting.

I would say that being a part of Organo has been one of the best decisions of our lives.

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