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My Little Adjustments

Meena Tipparaju

I love life at Naandi and moving here has added immense value to our lives. Besides living in the midst of nature in a place as beautiful as this, we also love Naandi for the sporting facilities it offers. We are all sports enthusiasts and cannot wait for the weekends to enjoy a game of badminton or basketball.

Life is simply beautiful here. There are only a few minor adjustments that we have had to make. Compared to the enjoyments, the adjustments are hardly any!

I am a foodie and would earlier order in quite a bit. Being a bit away from the city, Swiggy or other food delivery services do not deliver here. That is something I have had to make my peace with. But that is hardly a compromise. We love the fresh and healthy food that is available here. Whenever we feel like eating out, we always have the option since the city is barely a half hour away.

Getting used to insects crawling inside the house was another minor adjustment to make. But that too was not an issue. Living in the midst of nature entails sharing our space with other creatures. It is, in fact, a delight to discover little butterflies and insects that we would never have seen in the city.

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