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Farm Store by Organo: Safe and Witnessed food from farms to your doorstep

Organo Farm Store Hyderabad

At Organo, our consistent endeavor is to provide a holistic living experience of which food is a cornerstone. As a part of this, we have started social impact initiatives that help forge a connection between the producer and the consumer (residents of Organo’s eco-habitats) in the village of Antharam. The outcome of this initiative is two-pronged, one is to help provide safe and witnessed food, and the other is to source such food locally and reduce the food miles.

Authentic witnessed food from safe sources

While the farmers around our communities take a few seasons to produce Safe and Witnessed food, we have started ‘Farm Store by Organo’ which identifies farmers' cooperatives that practice natural farming stringently. The food products sourced by our Farm Store are “Safe” with low or no harmful residues. To ensure this, all the food sources are visited and witnessed by our staff periodically at the farms as a verification protocol. Our staff verifies the methods of cultivation followed in the farms and the inputs used for growing food.

We do not claim the food products to be Organic or Certified Organic. Of late, we have observed that many agencies are providing Organic Certifications that aren't entirely reliable or authentic. Hence, we refer to the food products sourced by us as ‘Safe and Witnessed’.

At your doorstep

We are currently servicing the residential communities where our Organo residents live full-time in the city. In case you would like to procure from our Farm Store, we would be delighted to service the neighboring residents living in these communities.

We believe in being transparent and empowering consumers with information to make informed decisions. We strongly believe that one must know the producer (farmer) and their farming practices.

We source our food products from:

Bhoomgadi Organic Farmers Producers Company Limited:

Bhoomgadi Organic FPCL is a Producer Company made up of Tribal Farmers from the Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh State. They produce Safe and residue-free farm produce.No artificial chemicals or pesticides are added to producing these products. This company is being guided by Volunteers from Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani, and Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar.

Bhoomgadi Organic Farmers Producers

Handel Social Ventures:

Handel Social ventures work with Farmers from Chikmagalur district and areas surrounding Sakleshpur in Haasan District. “Gomathe Savayava Krishi Sangha, Alur” is one such farmer producer organization (FPO) that produces safe and witnessed food.

We are starting this initiative with a humble list of food products. Below is the link to access the list of products. Through the link, you can place your order, and we shall deliver the products in 2 days post the order being placed.

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