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OFS is Open for Safe Food Seekers

OFS is a signature farm store established by Organo Eco-Habitats with the intent of sourcing and providing safe and witnessed food to its customers. In today’s world where we are clueless about the origin of the food we eat and feed our loved ones, Organo Farm Store (OFS) bridges the gap between consumers and farmers who implement safe farming methods and cultivate naturally. 

Initially, OFS catered to the needs of the residents of Organo Eco habitats but soon we realized that the need to source safe food was universal. That motivated us to expand our horizons and spread our operations to fulfil the needs of people outside our communities. In keeping with our Triple Bottomline business philosophy (People, Planet, Prosperity), OFS aids local farmers by helping them cultivate safe food, families that believe in eating safe food as well as the soil by not depleting the resources which is a byproduct of inorganic farming methods. 

In addition to the farm and dairy produce from the Organo eco-habitats’ farm, we also source from the local farmers nurtured by us to get the best of organic food to your doorstep. From shudh desi cow ghee to butter and paneer to grains and millets, we produce and provide the finest range of healthy foods for you and your loved ones. 

The need for growing safe food

Making the right choices at the grocery store for both you and your family can often be a daunting task. There are so many products to choose from that all seem to do the same thing: feed you.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of products at your grocery store are often associated with a number of different hidden costs. At OFS, we believe in providing natural, safe and witnessed food to aid you on your path to becoming happier and healthier.

Just how your choices at the grocery store dictate your health, they also dictate the health of the earth. Non organic foods are sprayed with extremely toxic chemicals that kill everything other than the crop itself. This includes the living organisms that a plant needs to grow. Once those organisms are killed, they are replaced with synthetic fertilizers made from toxic chemicals.

Nature always adapts.

Spraying chemicals to kill bugs only makes them grow, adapt to overcome the horrible toxins we use to kill them. There will always be something that eats the plant, and it will continue to grow and adapt until we no longer have control over it. The toxins we use will eventually become ineffective and plants and pests will become much more harmful.

Safe farming supports pollinators.

Herbicides and Pesticides do not differentiate between good and bad bugs, it simply kills them all. In order for there to be life on earth we need to maintain a certain level of biodiversity; this includes everything from the biggest mammals to the tiniest of insects. Organic farming practices healthy growing techniques that aim to maintain that necessary level of biodiversity. 

OFS supports farmers.

For any society to flourish, farmers are the backbone who make that happen and when the small farmers do not find buyers for their locally grown products, they end up in huge debts. And that’s not good for you, me and the society in general because that will force them to quit farming and move to the cities for a livelihood. Any society that moves away from farming lands up in huge food deficit. 

At OFS, we empower farmers by imparting safe food growing know-how, organic manures, pesticides and fertilisers to enable them to cultivate naturally, and once the crops are ready, we buy from them directly to ensure that they make good profits. 

List of products available at OFS 

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