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Organo Editorial

Once upon a time

Long long ago, we lived in villages surrounded by human beings were an integral part of. With least intrusion and invasion, we coexisted with other forms of life in symbiosis. Almost every other person was engaged in some form of agriculture. Most of our ancestors were farmers. Crops were abundant and good health was taken for granted.

Then came a time, when cities were formed but life was still normal with 80% of the population inhabiting the rural areas. With employment opportunities and the modern amenities of the cities luring the villagers, the influx began. With agriculture losing its sheen and viability, youth started shifting to urban areas. Development was rapid but we had to pay a huge price when we started invading natural resources as if there is no tomorrow. Consequence- rapid deforestation and pollution that have become life-threatening.

However, as it often happens with the human race, the tide has turned. With serious disorders taking their toll on the quality of our life, man has realised the value of pure, organic, rural way of life.

Yet, we need the modern technological inventions to make our lives easier Therefore, the answer lies in blending the two-Rural and Urban. That's the only way forward for people in quest of good life. Rurban (pronounced Roorban) lifestyle blends best of both the worlds. That forms the basis of Organo – the heaven for the seekers of health & peace.

The Essence of Life:

  • Let there be balance in the space!
  • Let there be balance in the sky!
  • Let there be peace on the earth!
  • Let there be calmness!
  • Let there be growth in the plants!
  • Let there be growth in the tree!
  • Let there be grace in the Gods!
  • Let there be bliss in the Brahman!
  • Let there be balance in everything!
  • Let there be peace and peace!
  • Let such peace be with every one of us!

Peace – the all-encompassing word has many components. Health is the most important of them all. Without physical, mental and emotional health, everything comes down to zilch. Nada.

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