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Organo eco-habitats – Fully Serviced Farm Villas

The main challenge for most of us living in cities is maintaining our homes. Finding trained domestic help, whether it’s in the kitchen or housekeeping services, is the key to live stress-free life. This issue gets more intense when it comes to farmhouses. Considering the fact that we spend mostly our weekends in our second home, the upkeep is mostly dependent on the help we hire. In addition to the other areas, faming gets added to the list of services we would need from our domestic staff.

At Organo eco-habitats, we have figured out the most effective way to find people to be at your service for any of your requirements. Of course, community living brings its own benefits, but we have gone a step ahead. In keeping with the triple bottom line approach, we arrived at a win-win situation through our social outreach programs. We identified workforce from the neighbouring villages who would be interested to receive training in the areas of farming, cooking, housekeeping and other maintenance areas and upskilled them with the help of experts. Not only did we facilitate free upskilling programs but also placed them in the jobs of their interest. This worked like magic. Not only did the workforce get financially empowered but also made the residents of our eco-habitats a happy lot. With the hassles of day-to-day operations out of their way, they now look forward to their farm stays.

Next, we looked at another common issue faced by many families. They want to spend time doing other things and not cooking in the kitchen. Imagine not having to cook every day and yet relish home cooked meals without stepping out! So we added all day dining facilities in our clubhouses. That’s why many of our residents call Organo eco-habitats as hassle free homes with all conveniences at their beck and call. From housekeeping to laundry, swimming pool to gym, eatery to outdoor games, there is everything within the gated community.

With top-notch amenities including a fully loaded gym, rurban hive (clubhouse), on-demand dining, natural swimming pool, yoga deck, meditation hall, sports courts, cluster clubs (social spaces for every cluster), housekeeping services, well-maintained farms, pedestrian free homes, every single aspect of your home needs are right within your community.

“The quality of life at Organo eco-habitats is all pervasive in terms of  comforts and conveniences that we look for in and around our homes.”   
-Nagesh Battula                                                       
“We visualised all possible scenarios and came up with a list of services ranging from housekeeping to cooking, exercising to recreation.” 
Nagesh Battula 


Working from farm has been the highlight of my life these days. I feel one with every aspect of life when I sit in my garden. I switch on my laptop watching a spellbinding sunrise. I switch off from work as the glorious hues of the setting sun spread across the sky. Sometimes, I watch the rain as I work, sometimes I just soak in the cool breeze caressing my face.

-Sathya Raghu, Agripreneur

We don’t have the stress of having to find domestic help for any service we need to run our home effortlessly. Collective farming and the added benefits of accessing a range of housekeeping services are a blessing.

-Ashwini Raghu

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