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Over the years, experiential learning has proven to have a wide range of benefits that contribute to a child's development. It provides a solid foundation for understanding different approaches and responses to learning. On 8 March 2021, Organo Et School conducted a workshop for grade 6 students of Sreenidhi International School on Sustainable Entrepreneurship. The workshop's purpose was to help children learn about Sustainable Entrepreneurship, mentor, support, and equip them with the necessary skills to set them on the path of becoming our future entrepreneurs.

The large hall had close to 30 children following all COVID guidelines, with masks and social distancing. Meena, our in-house expert in Organo Et School, was the speaker for the day. She has a keen passion for rurban and sustainable living, with a primary focus on mainstreaming sustainability and education on sustainability to learners of all ages. She helps design triple-bottom-line businesses and teams from start-up stages onwards. Meena is an avid reader and loves all things sustainable and nature-friendly.

The workshop began with Meena introducing students to entrepreneurship and moving into other topics like sustainable entrepreneurship, economic agent and environment, resource management, and sustainable practices. As naturally inquisitive and curious children are, they asked some fascinating questions they had and were interested to know more. Meena answered all their questions with information, explanations and examples.

As part of resource management, students engage in a hands-on activity to learn how to make bio enzymes from kitchen waste. Creating a bio/garbage enzyme cleaner from citrus fruits, pineapple, cucumber, and carrot peels was a very simple step by step process that the children made followed and finally made their bio enzymes. We also got the ready to use bio enzyme for them to smell and get a feel of it. Children were also given bio enzyme to carry home to start using to experience its benefits.

The excited children thanked us for a workshop like this that inspired them to be creative and be problem solvers. We were glad to have conducted a workshop that both children and teacher's found useful and aligned to their unit of inquiry.

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