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Organo Et School - An Initiative For A Sustainable Tomorrow…

Organo Et School’s purpose is nurturing a learning environment for all stakeholders where inclusive holistic eco-living is celebrated. 

Commemorating the spirit of Children’s Day, Organo Et School conducted a contest inviting students and parents to share their fondest memories, photos, write-up, painting, and more by participating in our “Children’s Day Contest “.  The contest was open to children of all ages up to 16 years. We received an overwhelming response from the young creative talent.

This year we celebrated Children’s day and Diwali on the same day. As we belong to a culture that enjoys celebrations, all our festivals are colorful and grand.  Despite the pandemic, our festival spirit and energy stayed on. The joy and delight we experience during such celebrations is huge, however, there is also increasing concern over environmental pollution. Through our contests, articles and eBooks we are bringing social awareness among our readers.  

We are fortunate to be collaborating with experts who not only extend their expertise through workshops but also reach out to the larger audience through experience sharing and talks. One such talk was with Lakshmi Battula, of Sthiranya Ecoscapes, who trains farmers to adopt natural farming over conventional farming techniques. As an expert, Lakshmi has facilitated various experiential learning workshops for Organo Et School.

To join our cause of Sustainable Living and to know more about our learning initiatives, please reach us at oes@organo.co.in, call us at # 9154100775 or visit: https://www.organoetschool.co.in/

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