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Organo Et School in a new format

Planet Earth not only binds us all together but is also the source of our sustenance. If we’re not mindful of our actions, we’re doing ourselves and our future generations great disservice. So, why not start early? Why not inculcate the sense of responsibility towards our surroundings in our young ones? That was the driving thought for the birth of Organo @ School, a few years ago. The initiative received an overwhelming response and now we’re back as Organo Et School with a renewed vigour. 

Organo Et School aims for responsible and sustainable living made easy by creating an experiential learning platform for educating and helping students to make sustainable and mindful choices. We have expanded our educative initiative to both online and offline events, workshops, and experiential learning programs. With our purpose of “Nurturing a learning environment for all stakeholders where inclusive holistic eco-living is celebrated”, we are now extending our initiative to communities and corporates as well by conducting events, workshops, and experiential learning programs for families and working professionals.

In the past, more than 25 schools & over 6000 children visited Organo Naandi for a first-hand learning experience of farm living. We have also conducted a number of workshops and talk shows by experts on Sustainable Community living. In these trying times of a Global Pandemic, as an attempt to stay safe, the world has come to a standstill. Luckily, education did not grind to a halt, but it has transformed and moved online. Organo Et School has now started conducting e-workshops to nurture young eco-minds, to empower communities to adopt sustainable and responsible living, and to help working professionals make sustainable and mindful lifestyle choices. 

Though we firmly believe in experiential learning as the most powerful form of learning, in order to continue to empower all our stakeholders in creating and adopting holistic eco-living, we’ve made the transition to e-learning as well. The spirit and intent of the Organo Et School program is to encourage individuals to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle by teaching them to connect and be a part of nature, to grow their own food, to look for sustainable sources of energy and contribute to the holistic well-being of the ecosystem. 

All our learning activities are categorized under Saptha Pathas, the seven strands of sustainable living that are Food, water, Air, Earth, Energy, Shelter, and People. Through this new expansion into Communities and Corporates, Organo Et School is expected to reach out to a larger audience to educate and help more people make sustainable choices to lead this sustainable movement. If any of you would like to be included in this initiative, we’ll be happy to send you regular updates.

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