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Organo Editorial

Organo's core values

Organo was founded on the idea of environmentally conscious living. Our primary goal was to develop communities which are self-reliant in seven strands of sustainability - Energy, Food, Water, Air, Earth,People and Shelter.

With Rural experiences and Urban conveniences coming together, Organo Naandi is our first flagship project to manifest the idea of a Rurban Eco-Habitat. This intent to manifest rurban communities rests on core values that all our projects must encompass:

  • Life on a slow track

Build communities where life goes on a slow track with improved health conditions, fresh air,uncontaminated water, uncontaminated soil and unadulterated food and ultimately a guilt-free existence with the knowledge that you are not a burden on this earth.

  • Counter-urbanization

Develop eco-habitats that are the new way of living in balance with the ecosystem and a potential solution to counter rapid urbanization that damages natural resources like water, energy, food, air quality, etc.

  • Being Producers

Becoming producers rather than consumers. Consumers deplete resources while producers replenish them.For a balanced society, both are required at a similar scale but the process starts with Giving, i.e. being a producing community.

  • Sapthapatha

To establish independently and interdependently working seven layers of processes in the areas of Food,Water, Air, Earth, Energy, Shelter and People that ensures sustainability.

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