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Sapthapatha Lessons - Bio-Pool

Bio-pools are wonderful to swim in. But as the name suggests, it is a biological environment which has ecosystems thriving in it. Depending on the season and aquatic life, there will be algae blooming in the pool. This is very unlike conventional swimming pools which are treated with high doses of chlorine and have no life in it.  

One of the key aspects we didn’t take into consideration was the importance of communicating what exactly bio-pool constitutes of. We hadn’t communicated that it would be slimy at the bottom like a pond that you would find in rural villages. This caused some concerns about maintenance of the pool as people started comparing it with conventional pools. We should have clearly stated the fundamental difference between a chemically treated pool and a natural pond. A natural pool is healthy with clean water but also houses other life forms in it which are essential for the natural cleansing process.

Our suggestion to people who are interested to build a bio-pool in their community is that while it is beneficial for both the users and nature, education must be done properly. However, people who have the experience of swimming in village ponds would rejoice in the bio pools because the water is pristine, fresh, and very much alive. What we should focus on is a mindset adjustment that can enable people to get close to the natural set up and appreciate the healthy benefits.

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