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Sat/Sun events at Antharam

Last weekend, At Organo Antharam we hosted an unforgettablelineup of events that brought neighbours together for a weekend filled withlearning, creativity, and socializing. From snake awareness to pottery, naturephotography, karaoke, Mehendi application, Tambola and a delectable milletmeal, we offered an array of activities that catered to diverse interests andpassions. Let's delve into the highlights of this remarkable weekend!

Snakes Awareness Workshop:

Kicking off the weekend was a captivating snakes awarenessworkshop in collaboration with the Friends of Snakes Society. Organo Antharamfamilies gathered to learn about these enigmatic creatures, debunk myths, anddevelop a deeper understanding of coexistence with the natural world. It was aneye-opening experience that fostered a greater appreciation for thebiodiversity around us.

Pottery Experience:

Following the snake awareness workshop, residents embracedtheir artistic side with a hands-on pottery experience. The children had a lotof fun trying their hand at making pots.

Nature Photography:

In the afternoon, the photography workshop, led by Dr.Abhijit Jadhav, was a captivating experience. Participants learned the basicsof mobile and traditional camera photography, composition, and the art ofcapturing light. The workshop concluded with a nature walk with children whotook pictures of flora and fauna and ended with an exhibition, highlighting theparticipants' newfound skills and crea.

Mehndi Application:

As the afternoon progressed, residents had the opportunityto adorn their hands with beautiful mehndi designs.

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