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Organo Editorial


As we reflect on examples of entrepreneurship and leadership in our nation, we see that people are increasingly choosing business ideas that enhance the lives of people, lessen our impact on the environment and direct focus on shared prosperity. During the last 25-year growth of our organization FHD Group, we have started pursuing Sustainability Entrepreneurship and have expanded into multiple sectors and businesses that continue to be built on Triple Bottom Line goals.

Sustainability Entrepreneurship is a process in which entrepreneurs explore opportunities in an innovative manner for economic gains, positive impact on society and environment, and cultural relevance on an equal footing.

Triple Bottom Line (TBL) is a framework that goes beyond the traditional measures of profits, return on investment, and shareholder value. It includes environmental and social dimensions.

Built-on principles of TBL and driven by the spirit of Sustainability Entrepreneurship, we continue to design & develop Cause-based eco-habitats, that not only provide a habitat where life exists but one in which the very act of simple living helps support many important social & environmental causes.

At Organo Naandi, our dream was to bring the Sparrows back. As biodiversity increased in 5 years, we were happy to see the first flock of sparrows visit within the community, in addition to many other bird & animal species. We now know how to create environments for both human & non-human residents.

Our next step is towards finding an apt solution for water in communities. With water scarcity haunting many Indian cities, we are exploring sustainable methods & ways to design solutions for rainwater harvesting, storage, conservation and water demand reduction in rurban ecohabitats.

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