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Sustainable Shrooms: Organo's Oyster Mushroom Harvest

co-authors : Prabha D, Srilakshmi B, with Uma I.

India's mushroom farming industry is flourishing, presenting lucrative opportunities for farmers and entrepreneurs. This thriving industry not only contributes significantly to agriculture but also caters to the growing demand for sustainable and versatile food choices in kitchens worldwide.

Oyster mushrooms, renowned for their unique flavour and nutritional benefits, are gaining widespread popularity among consumers. Notably, the distinction between pink and white oyster mushroom varieties adds depth to culinary experiences. Both varieties offer a delicate taste and tender texture, with the pink variety adding a visual flair to dishes. 

Oyster mushrooms boast impressive nutritional value, serving as a rich source of protein, fibre, and essential vitamins. These fungi are low in calories and fat while providing significant amounts of antioxidants. Moreover, they thrive on sustainable farming practices. They efficiently convert agricultural waste into nutritious yields, contributing to eco-friendly agricultural ecosystems.

At the Organo Bakaram Farm

We have harvested our first batch of Oyster Mushrooms. The steps we followed for the cultivation process include:

Substrate Preparation - A mixture of organic materials like straw, sawdust, and grain was used and it was sterilised to eliminate competing organisms & pathogens.

Inoculation:The oyster mushroom spores or mycelium culture were introduced into the prepared substrate. A clean and sterile environment was maintained during inoculation to prevent contamination.

Incubation: The inoculated substrate was placed in a controlled environment that had an optimal temperature and humidity. The mycelium colonised and spread through the substrate, forming a white, web-like network.

Mushroom Formation: Oyster mushrooms started forming as small pinheads, eventually growing into mature mushrooms.

Harvesting: The mushrooms were harvested when the caps were fully opened (before they begin to flatten). 

Storage and Packaging: The harvested mushrooms are stored in a cool, humid environment in breathable materials to maintain freshness.

Growing of oyster mushrooms is a sustainable agricultural approach, showcasing the potential for harmonising nutritional benefits with environmentally conscious farming practices.

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