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The Naandian experience

By Uma Pathak 

I grew up in Allahabad and the Allahabad of my childhood was a city full of green open spaces. After I moved to Africa, I lived in similar environs amid lush greenery and abundant nature, over the forty or so years that I was abroad. I eventually returned to India and when I moved from Delhi to Hyderabad, to stay closer to my son and his family, a new chapter unfolded in my life. 

I told my son just one thing about the kind of house I wanted to stay in. “I would like to live connected with the earth as I always have. I definitely do not want to hang high up in some tall apartment building,” I told him. 

We drove straight to Naandi from the airport and the moment I stepped in, I fell in love. It was simply perfect. It felt like this is my place!

I love my long walks here, the fresh air, the healthy food and so much more. 

Also, I never lived in a community as such before, since I have always lived in independent homes. After I moved to Naandi, I had my first experience of what it is like to live within a community. When you open yourself up to sharing and cooperation, it is such a happy and enriched life that you can live, as part of a community. And that is a valuable lesson I learnt in my old age. 

In Hyderabad, I would like to live in Naandi. I have told everyone here that if I were to leave Naandi, it would be to go to God almighty, else I am here to stay! 

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