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Organo Editorial

The Organo experience

By Prabha Dhamotharan 

I have never had any previous knowledge about gardening or farming. In fact, I don’t remember growing any plants in my balcony or terrace, in the previous apartment that we lived at. 

I had no plans as such to learn anything about farming when we moved into Naandi. I started farming as a way of time-pass. Once I started to involve myself though, I found it to be very interesting. The farmers and other people involved in farming here taught me a great deal as well. 

The satisfaction of finding something new and implementing it to success prompted me to learn more about newer farming techniques.

Apart from learning more about the plants, I started to involve myself at the goshala too. I gradually learnt quite a bit about cows and how to take care of them. 

When I came here, there was a beekeeping box already available. When I enquired around, I was told that all previous attempts at beekeeping were not successful. I eventually got interested and did a weeklong course at NIRD (National Institute of Rural Development). That is how I started beekeeping too at Naandi. 

I am sometimes amazed at how much I have learnt in the last 1 year at Naandi and still continue to learn every day. 

Life has changed so much after moving to Organo Naandi, I tell my husband that farming is far more fulfilling to me than being gifted gold or jewellery!  I can easily spend the whole day at the farm and still look forward to coming back the next day, and the next…

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