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The rurban way of living and My minor adjustments

“Sustainable living is not a one-time establishment. It is rather a way of living where we will have to evolve and adapt continuously to the surrounding we live. Here area few Naandian's who have made a conscious choice of being in a Rurban community. Let’s hear their journey from being an urbanite to a rurbanite.

“We were living in Gachibowli since 2007. It was idyllicin the beginning. Great infrastructure and wide-open spaces for me to indulge in outdoor activities which I love. I have always been an outdoor person. But over the last 5 years, things got worse as Gachibowli started rivalling Hi-Tech city as an IT hub and traffic grew exponentially. We felt boxed in. It was not possible to enjoy the outdoors anymore.

When our son finished high school we decided to move from Gachibowli. We checked out many properties but Organo was the first property I fell in love with at first sight. What attracted us were many of the same qualities of Gachibowli circa 2007 - great ambience, great infrastructure, clean air and the idea of living as one with nature. I can’t put everything into words much like you can’t explain love at first sight but I was bowled over. My wife not so much. There were practical difficulties like commute distance, finding reliable domestic help and missing out on city excitements but we felt the benefits outweighed the costs.

Some lifestyle changes I see adopting subconsciously is enjoying home improvement activities which are alien tome, conserving water, contributing to community welfare by engaging in association activities, trying to adopt aminimalistic lifestyle and generally trying to abide by Naandi principles.

We have become more social at Naandi. We enjoy hanging out and connecting with other Naandians. We spend more time outdoors trying to soak in the natural beauty. In general, I feel more at peace with myself.” -By Manoj Vaddineni, Naandian


“Before Organo Naandi, we were living in Banjara Hills, the heart of the city. We had a typical city life in an Apartment complex! It was not at all a bad experience but I missed things which are so important to have a healthy life like fresh air and calm environment. With traffic teeming 24/7 and the nearby malls, it made the air very polluted. There was no place to have a walk and I love to walk all the time!

This constantly kept bugging us and as mentioned, we were looking for a healthy and peaceful environment so that I can have an on-going sustainable relationship with everything around me - people, place, animals, plants(nature in its entirety!). And Organo Naandi was just exactly that for me.

Due to the nature of my husband’s work, we were gipsies all our life! So, there was no major issue for adjustments after moving to Naandi. Yes, I had to get used to having to deal with nature directly to some extent as I am more exposed here than in city life. Also, a certain discipline is needed to manage this way of life if one wants it to be effective. Inculcating this attitude is the only challenge and in this context, I am a work-in-progress!

I am set for this life! It’s the way to go!

However, it is also our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint in order to have and continue the sustainable eco web or fabric these rural places so lovingly provide us with. It is our responsibility to take something great and make it greater!” -By Shanti Sunkara, Naandian

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