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Things you will need to Work-from-Home

With the advent of COVID19, our lifestyles have undergone huge changes. For many of us modern professionals, working from home was a privilege that our respective firms offer once in a while. But with this being our reality now, working from home seems to have a high list of benefits that sway the argument of “Work from Home vs Work from Office” in its favour.

Telework or Telecommuting allows working professionals to work from home, avoiding long commutes. This not only reduces the consumption of fossil fuels utilised for travel and air pollution, but studies have also shown that telecommuters take less time off work, and are more efficient and productive. 

Professionals working from home experience overall well-being as they find a better work-life balance and endure less commute related stress and time spent on commuting. 

When living in a community that is closely connected to nature, telecommuting is an added benefit and the go-to sustainable and healthy choice for avoiding increased stress on your psychological and physical well-being.

Things essentials for productive work from the home environment:

  1. The early bird 

Get an early start. Dive head-first into your to-do list and get started on your work first thing in the morning. An early start helps you make significant progress with your work throughout the day. Do not let the morning blues take away your motivation.

  1. Internet Service

Make sure you have good access to uninterrupted internet service with decent speed to boost up your work progress. Lack of connectivity is a major setback for getting work done from the home office.

  1. Work Space

Set up a workstation secluded from other background household noises. Ensure the workspace is well lit and motivates you to work.

  1. An Organised Workstation

Cluttered surroundings lead to a cluttered mind. Ensure your workbench is organised and decluttered.

  1. Tools to stay connected in the virtual business world

Keep your system up-to-date on all business associated software to avoid setbacks in staying connected to the real-time world. Get in touch with all MS Office tools and video conferencing to avoid hampering work progress

  1. Reach out to rest of the world

It’s important that you stay connected to the rest of your co-workers. Networking sites are becoming a must-have for working professionals in the business world. 

  1. Follow a strict schedule

Ensure you follow a strict time-table. It is difficult to differentiate between work and home in a work from home scenario but ensure you create a regular workday to get maximum productivity.

  1. Plan in advance

Not planning your tasks at hand can make you lose focus on priority. So plan in advance.

  1. Distancing

As important as it is to distance yourself from distractions during work, it’s equally important to take a few minutes away from work to clear your mind. 

  1. Wear clothes that aren’t pyjamas

Pyjamas are usually associated with leisure and relaxation and will not create the right mindset and motivation to work. This will cut down on your productivity. Step out of your comfort zone and dress well. 

  1. Work when you are at your most productive

Map your schedule ahead of time to ensure that the hardest tasks are done when you’re most productive. 

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