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Vijaya Durga – One woman, Many facets

Celebrating HER unique status as the pathbreaker in the Construction Industry

Some say she’s strong,
Some say she’s brave,
Some say she broke the glass ceiling,
Some say she defied all odds.

We say, she’s is all of these and much much more. She has ventured into unfamiliar territories and owned them. She has achieved remarkable success in a `man’s world’, so to speak.
She broke those invisible walls by building real ones.
She stands in scorching heat ensuring all the projects are top-notch
.She raises the bar each time and she rises above all circumstances to emerge as a winner.
She leads her team to victory.
She motivates them by setting an example for them to emulate.
She loves, she laughs, she lives by her own set of rules.

One woman. Many stories.

Of valour and of victory. Of tribulation and of triumph.

Meet Vijaya Durga, Co-Founder, Organo eco-habitats who takes her work seriously but wears her success lightly. She has headed 100s of construction projects and with every project she has consolidated her position as the Numero Uno as far as quality & timely delivery are concerned with zero compromise on design values and impeccable work ethics. She has built organisations, surpassing every expectation and setting new benchmarks.

On this International Women’s day, we salute Vijaya’s indomitable spirit! Doff your hats people and let the drums roll as she walks with her characteristic stride and conquers every territory with her remarkable saga of success.

Ask her how she feels about being one of the first few women in India to have been helming design-build projects and pat comes the reply, “Is it such a big deal? I wasn’t even aware that it was. My focus was always on completing the projects without cutting corners or compromising on quality.” That’s Vijaya Durga. Nonchalant about her unique achievements and untouched by her success. The fact that she’s the chosen one by the movers and shakers in the city to design-build their palatial homes.

She is amongst the few women entrepreneurs in the Indian construction industry who has successfully run a design and build firm. With deep knowledge and broad experience across all sectors like eco-communities, residential, high-end homes and interiors, hospitality, retail, commercial offices and healthcare, she is always driven to deliver what is needed for the projects and the end-users, while keeping in focus - quality, timelines, budgets, constructability as well as aesthetics. Her career spans over 3 decades and she continues to inspire, in her own unique quiet and confident way, countless architects, interior designers, engineers and colleagues in our firm and in the industry.

What her associates say about her

“I consider myself privileged to have known and worked with Vijaya ma’am. After my mother at home, she has been a huge influence on me at work. I admire her a lot. She has taught us how to lead our lives in simple ways. Just watching the way she conducts her self in different areas of life has inspired me. Her quiet leadership quality that is anchored on honesty, empathy, understanding and compassion. No MBA school can teach that. I have learnt all these just by being in her presence, seeing her work, seeing her bring a project to completion, interacting with her and understand what is really important for our organization and most importantly for the joy it brings to the people who will live in it. I am fortunate and delighted to be in her presence and walking with her on this journey.”

Meena Murugappan

“I have had the opportunity to see Vijaya for the last 3 decades. She has been my closest associate from day one. When we had just started, she would clean the office with as much sincerity as she would approach architecture. I have never ever seen her complain about being overworked or tired, I have never seen her smile leave her face. Her understanding of human beings is as exemplary as her understanding of design. People like Vijaya are rare and I have been fortunate to grow along with her, which gave me the privilege of working with her closely. She is an integral part of everything I do as a person and we do as an organization.”

Nagesh Battula

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